I use it for work and loveee it, so nice having hot food for lunch and saving $ on takeout. Don’t have a sink at work so i have to bring it home each time i use it or wash it in the bathroom which is gross. But the product itself is a 5*.

I ordered this for our upcoming 7 days road trip. I must say that i’m so amazed with how handy it is. It’s collapsible and easy to clean. It includes a pouch and fits perfectly. The instructions are well written and includes simple illustrations.

This little steamer works well and is pretty good fit and finish. It’s the right size to make a small meal inside. I was able to make rice with no problems, as well as steam fish using the tray that it comes with. The cutlery it comes with is also a nice touch.

Cooked rice, boiled eggs, potatoes, noodles. It’s the size of a small kettle so serving size is for one. Also if you add too much water, it does splatter if you don’t lock lid down. But still bet buy and i was on 20day trip overseas in portugal.

 i just got this item today and this is exactly what i need for travel, small and dont occupy big space in laggage and it comes with spoon and fork and chipstick.

I only tried using it once so far. There is only one option: on and off, and i think that is enough for me. It does take a while to boil, but which also means (at last to me) that it is not using high power and should be able to charge my other devices while using the pot. The weight is light and size is small, so i can carry it anywhere.

This portable electric skillet is so convenient to use. Where have i been all this time without this item.