Having been through 2 russell hobbs cambridge kettles in a short space of time i frankly can’t believe i bought this. Love the cambridge for the shape and capacity but base power supply it not up to scratch, can’t cope with 3kw, the wiring burns out, is quite noisy but fast. Last cambridge burnt out after 359 days and rh is not a helpful firm; however amzon did come up trumps. Have never had a plastic kettle before and this one is slightly mad. Almost same shape as cambridge with open handle but in shiny plastic which has to be gripped harder not to slip. Also and amazingly there are 2 blue lights inside?. The kettle as well as the on/off, shining blue when switched on. Pretty blue lights inside, but why?. Pop the lid on and you wouldn’t know your water is illuminated. Just hope this wiring is somewhat safer and longer lasting.

After following the makers instruction boil 3 times it still tastes of plastic. I looked online and other people had the same experience and said ( we removed the three step red cup level indicator) so i am trying that i hope it works ,other than that lol it looks nice and boils quickly . Anyone else had this problem ?. But no good if it tastes bad.

Love this kettle, it looks so nice in my kitchen along with the matching toaster. I love the fact the lid comes off for filling and a lot of people said the water gauge was a problem hidden underneath the handle, personally that really doesn’t bother me. Only thing i will mention which i’d read about in other people’s reviews before purchasing which was really helpful is. Boil the kettle 5/6 times changing the water each time to get rid of the plastic taste. Other than that i can’t find a fault with the kettle.

Love the style and cool sides ( you don’t burn yourself or others) as well as the quick boil. Great for a quick cup of tea but equally good if several cups are required due to its capacity. Really pleased with it and have bought the matching four slice toaster.

Merkmal der Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Wasserkocher, 3000 W, 1.7 Liter, Schwarz mit Chrom Akzente – Vereinigtes Königreich Stecker

Ideal für diejenigen, die viel zu tun haben, eine Tasse in nur 45 Sekunden kochen und eine Tasse im Vergleich zu 1 Liter kochen.

Our last one lasted three years. That is longer than the others we tried. This one costs a tiny bit more but losing the kettle just in time for winter is not a pretty picture. I just bought this one again after comparing all the other options. The only scale that happens is on the bottom, easily cleaned. But the best remedy for scale is don’t use water straight from the faucet. Goes nicely with our longhi coffee maker and our krups grinder.

Vereinigtes Königreich Stecker –

Leichtes Wasserfenster mit zarter blauer Beleuchtung beim Kochen.

Inklusive abnehmbarem, waschbarem Anti-Kalk-Filter zum Auffangen von Verunreinigungen in Wasser und Kabelaufbewahrung in der 360-Grad-Basis.

2 Jahre Garantie plus 1 Jahr, wenn Sie das Produkt online registrieren.