Absolutely love this i’m so glad i brought it saves so much time and so easy to use.

Love everything about this, water is as hot as a normal kettle, looks nice on unit, only thing letting it down is the handle to fill is inside the water unit and i don’t realy like this but apart from that i’m very happy with neo.

Whilst on holiday last month, the apartment we stayed in had a hot water dispenser and as soon as we got home we decided we were going to get one. We looked at lots of models but the reviews for this one were so good and it was so nice to look at that this is the one we decided on. I can’t fault it, no more wasted water/electric from boiling an overfull kettle. No more throwing away already boiled water to refill to do my grand daughters bottles.

Tbis looks nice but major flaw with handle being inside the water tank. When water runs out mid cup. You need to wait till unit cooler to fill tank again. Not great after being used to a morphy richards meno which i had for 9 years. Very flimsy lid with plastic hinge. Very slow flow but understand it hears as it goes. No e of reviews i read mentioned habdle issue.

Just the job for a quick cup of tea.

Does what it says on the tin. I’ve definatley ditched my kettle.

Well this was a replacement for a previous “one-shot” kettle that time-expired. Now in one way it’s a good idea that this is a continual pour kettle as you can make larger mugs or even a decent quantity of gravy. But you do need to stay with it and not get distracted, which is the downside to it not having a automatic stop function. Now we’ve had this a few months now and are getting used to it and have only spilt water twicenow another point we’ve noticed is that it sometimes puts out cold water first, not always but occasionally it will do this, and not a lot of cold but enough to make it possible to drink your drink straight down. So we kept an eye on it and noticed that once turned on the light will turn from red to green and then start pouring water out straight away. . This will be cold (unless it’s just been used previously). Now if the light turns to green then you hear it start making it’s noises and after say 10 seconds starts to pour water out then this will be hot and perfectly fine. Like i say it doesn’t do this every time, just once in a while. Other than that issue we like it and are very happy with it.

Had another make and was fed up with luke warm coffee. This is fantastic – i am a coffee buff and this machine is just fantastic – easy to use and looks great in my work surface.

Keeps the water hot as expected.

Saves time but dont leave it on n walk away as spillage.

It’s fantastic, the only problem being that, after not using for quite a while, the first small amount of water comes out nearly cold. But i would still recommend, as it’s far better than my previous two. Hier sind die Spezifikationen für die Marke: Neo Neo 2:

  • Der Wassertank kann nachgefüllt werden, ohne dass die Maschine bewegt werden muss, da der Tank abnehmbar ist. Kann 400-500ml pro Minute produzieren. Transparenter Wassertank mit klaren Wasserstandsmarkierungen.
  • 2 Farboptionen: Chrom oder Roségold Abmessungen: 18 cm (L) x 26 cm (B) 31 cm (H) Gewicht: 2,2 kg
  • Doppel Sicherheit Gerät mit 2 Stage an/aus Schalter
  • Kann genug heißes Wasser für etwa 10 durchschnittliche Tassen halten. Abnehmbare Tropfwasserschale zur einfachen Reinigung.
  • Groß 2.5L Abnehmbare Wassertank

Great machine, unfortunately had to return because of a faulty switch.

This is great for the odd cuppa. We bought it because we have lodgers who boil a whole kettle full of water when they only want one cup, so it definitely will have saved energy. Been working fine for over 2 months although i have given it a de-scale about once per month because the flow rate seemed to be reducing. (i just use water+white vinegar and run it through a couple of times). It takes about 30seconds to pour a cup of water. You do have to stand over it, and i must admit to being caught out a couple of times and coming back to an overflowing cup – but i do prefer it this way to other instant water machines which only give you a certain cup size. I have tried it on a hot water bottle, which is fine, as long as you prop up the hot water bottle underneath and leave it to run for a couple of minutes while you’re doing other things. I don’t use it for whole pans of water but we have an induction hob which is much quicker than a kettle anyway.

No problem, just need to remember its not a kettle.

The only problem i had was that you do not have an adjustment for varying cup sizes although it takes no extra energy to switch on and off for correct delivery amounts.

This is a great hot water dispenser that allows you to boil the exact amount of water that you require. As i have joint problems i haven’t been able to pour a kettle for years and this is my second hot water dispenser. The first one i had did have the option to set a variable amount of water which meant you could turn away and not worry about overspilling. However this machine gives me the option to fill larger cups and jugs etc. The styling matches many of our other appliances and so fits into our kitchen well. Like most new kettles or hot water dispensers there is a slight plastic taste to begin with but this soon fades with use and i can make myself the perfect up of tea independently :).

This is amazing so easy to use especially for someone who suffers from joint pain.

Looks great and very easy to use. Besten Neo 2.5L Sofort Heiz Spender Wasserkocher Maschine 2600w – Schwarz – Roségold, 18cm (L) x 26cm (W) 31cm (H)

It’s lovely instant boiling water. No more boiling the kettle for your tea and coffee. You can do so much, make instant gravy and sauces, jelly etc it’s lovely.

I thought that i would try one of these, because having to wait for a kettle to boil takes up time. But now i switch this on and have instant hot water. It comes in handy when i have visitors.

Very good but first cup not warm.

So quick and easy to make a coffee or tea in the morning. No waiting around for the kettle to boil any more and no water is wasted buy over filling the kettel. It did take a few days for the ” new kettle teast” to go away but that’s to be expected.

I purchased this machine after dropping a full kettle of boiling water due to my advancing arthritis. Using this, one still has to handle a relatively heavy water container when refilling it, although how far you fill it is up to you of course, but at least you won’t have to handle it searingly hot. It fills quite slowly due to the way it works, but hey, i’m not much quicker myself. It actually makes a decent cup of tea, fair do’s. And it has lights, which is always a good thing. Do not go and do something else while it is filling your cup. I am already responsible for two-and-a-half litres of very weak tea making its way into the hairdresser’s ceiling downstairs.

Arrived on time, been using this for a few months now and love it. It works well and love how quick the water boils.

Bought as a replacement as previous one “mliter” had “died”. This one is more streamlined and has variable water dispenser which is manually controlled. Also from driptray to spout is a height of 17cms high enough to fill your tallest coffee mug. The water is hot enough to use for instant noodles and gravy granules our previous one couldn’t do that. There is an after taste at first but if you run water through several times this will go. You do not have to remove the water tank to refill , just refill using a jug. So far this seems to be a very good replacement.

Have tried several hot water dispensers and this one really does heat the exact amount you want. The water had a “funny” taste for the first few days, but i found that if i emptied the dispenser of water at night and filled it with fresh water in the morning, the taste was gone by end of week. As i’m disabled, i found it a bit difficult to get a full or even half full caddy of water back onto the base without activating the valve on bottom of caddy ( which results in water dripping over base and bunker top). To simplify things what i now do, is leave water caddy in situ and just fill a large plastic jug with water then pour this into caddy.

This is a great product and we have been really satisfied with it. The speed that it heats up and delivers the water is unbelievable.

This was for my folks they love it, so much quicker and easier than keep boiling a kettle and now waste just the water you need.

Water runs very slow but otherwise ok.

Far superior to an ordinary electric kettle.

The first day or so there was a plastic taste but this soon settled after being flushed through a few times. It arrived earlier than expected. We had a quick cup for about 10yrs so we have to remember to switch it off. I did a lot of research before picking this one and am delighted.

Due to problem with my arm i am unable to lift a kettle to pour a cuppa. . This has turned it around i am now able to make a cup of tea any time. It is easy to fill with a jug and water level is clearly visible, also red light comes on when water level is too low. Takes up about the same space a kettle would on your worktop.