If you live in a hard water area and constantly have to descale your kettle, then these are for you. Just pop one into the kettle and leave it in there. One normally lasts approx 6 months. It keeps the kettle so clean inside and hardly any limescale build up.

I have a glass kettle and live in a hard water area so could see the lime scale immediately build up half way up the glass but this little guy over 6 weeks has eaten it all away and keeps it away. I would suggest rinsing once a week.

Clearly attracted a little bit of limescale, i can see that when i rinse it, but on the whole hasn’t done a great job, limescale continues to build up in my kettle.

These are fantastic had one in my other kettle. Had that one for at least 8 years and when i threw it out there was no lime scale on the kettle.

Merkmal der Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress Kalkfänger für Wasserkocher, Stahlgeflecht

Aus hochwertigem Edelstahl

Pretty small so collects very little, my see-through kettle still furs up.

Sehr gute qualität und schnelle lieferung immer wieder.

This item was purchased to go with our swan hotel water boiler.

Verhindert die Kalkablagerung in allen Arten von Wasserkochern

Recommended by the mother in law, wasn’t sure it would work but had to eat my words.

I live in a hard water area and so this is really essential to keep the kettle clean and cut the costs of heating your kettle. It also makes cleaning the kettle a lot easier. Every month i take this out and roll it under the tap between my palms to dislodge any chalk that has accumulated in the fur collector. I then clean the kettle with some clear vinegar and that gets rid of the remaining chalk lining the kettle. The end result is that my six year old kettle looks as shiny as new inside even if the outside is grubby with hand prints.

I was very sceptical, but, surprise surprise, it works. Obviously it can’t prevent limescale from forming, but it has a scouring action that prevents it from furring-up the kettle. I live in a very hard water area and used to find there was a thick white layer in the kettle after about a month. Now, the limescale forms in flakes that i just pour out every day – the kettle itself is virtually fur free.

Reduziert Kochzeit, Energiekosten und verlängert die Lebensdauer des Heizelements

If only i’d known about these for the last 30 years i’ve lived in london. All those descaling tablets/liquids used over the years could have avoided. It works amazingly well in my very hard water area and i’ve not needed to descale the kettle anywhere near as much. Once every couple of months has kept kettle like new.

Good kettle protector, attracts pesky limescale to its intricate mesh. Difficult to reassemble once unravelled though. I straightened the whole thing out to clean it, there’s just over 8 metres of wire here. Attempts to twist it up tightly like when it was new didn’t have the desired effect. It still works now, but its the size of a baseball. Might save all the hassle and buy a new one next time.

Have always used these as live in a hard water area been trying to find them in the shops had no joy so daughter tried internet and found these bought some and gave some to my eldest daughter and eldest granddaughter and will definitely use this company again. Very fast delivery, brilliant price and most of all an excellent time saver from scrubbing kettle so often. Highly recommend for anybody living in a hard water area as they save many hours of de scaling the kettle.

Größe: 2,5 cm

Got this to keep the lime-scale build-up on our kettle to a manageable level. Periodically clean out the kettle with so formic acid and the steel mesh also gets a cleaning. Then simply run it under some water and roll it in your hands like you are making a ball and all the lime-scale embedded in the ball washes out. Really handy “device” and keeps our kettle relatively clean. It will never be 100% lime-scale free due to the really hard water in our area.

Have to give this a positive review. At first i thought it a waste of money, but you need to unravel it and then carefully push it back into a long tube. Then bend it so each ends meet and mesh together. You should now have a donut shaped object. Put this in kettle and every 2 weeks pull out and either spend a bit of time squishing it about so the scale breaks off, or wash with descaling liquid. A plus of having an object like thin in the kettle is as the water boils it shakes it about and the mesh knocks off small bits on the element. Fantastic little thing once fully unwrapped.

Used for months in my kettle and certainly made a difference to the lime scale build up.

These are a great idea for keeping your kettle clean. I have purchased one before, however this time the item seems to have shrunk to over half the size. I wouldnt recommend this item, would say try a different seller.

I live in a hard water area and this saves my kettle. I know someone who doesn’t have this and they replace their kettle fairly frequently. Also, try using filtered water which also helps that little bit more.

Würde ich jedem empfehlen der nicht viel zeit hat seine küchenartikel regelmäßig zu entkalken. Benutzen es für den semower und den wassserkocher und es ist ein deutlicher unterschied erkennbar.

Well it’s not eradicated the build up completely but there’s definitely less limescale than before.