Ottimo prodotto, l’unico piccolo difetto è che conviene cambiare lo spinotto con uno più resistente ma fa il suo lavoro ottimamente.

My partner needed a kettle for his hgv. This boils in roughly 8/9 minutes. Saves a fortune buying takeaway coffees. Plus he can make pasta in a mug, and pot noodles, cup a soups etc.

Only tried the once so far and worked well. Boiling time was around 30mins to be honest. The only problem i had was the cable is placed at the bottom of the kettle, when placed in a vehicle cup holder it could be damaged. Though that’s not easily resolved for all makes of car.

Takes a while to boil but i’m happy with it.

Cracking product that has come in so useful for keeping my caffine levels up.

Did take a little while to heat up , but it’s got a good deal so you can start to boil it in advance of stopping for a break , it took 20 mins for the full of the kettle to boil.

I use this kettle every working day in my truck. It takes about 20 minutes to boil but once there it keeps the water hot. My only gripe is that the spout does not open fully so when the kettle is only half full i have to take the lid off. That is why it doesn’t get 5 star’s.

Very good quality still working after 3 months.

Excellent kettle for my truck.

Hier sind die Spezifikationen für die Marke: Garsent 750ml Auto Elektrische Wasserkocher:

  • Der Kesselkörper nimmt Edelstahl 304 an, der sicher und sauber von Wasser gewährleistet
  • Premium-Kunststoffgriff ist angenehm zu greifen, stabil und wärmeisolierend
  • Inneres Heizrohrdesign aus Edelstahl, schnell zu erhitzen
  • Wenn das Wasser kocht, schaltet sich die Stromversorgung automatisch aus und die grüne Anzeige leuchtet auf
  • 24V-Netzteil, Stecker in den Zigarettenanzünder, geeignet für selbstfahrende Tour

Besten 750ml Auto Elektrische Wasserkocher, Edelstahl 24V Zigarettenanzünder Thermobecher Wasserbecher für Wasser Kaffee Getränke Heizung