The stagg ekg kettle: a story in three parts. I ordered the kettle from amazon. It was ludicrously spendy for me, but so beautiful. Nothing else on the market comes close. And given the repeated heat waves in the northeast this summer, i wanted a kettle that could heat my water for coffee without adding heat to the house. When it finally arrived, i unpacked it, ooohed and aahhed at the beauty, added water, plugged it in and. Sighing heavily, i assumed it was an anomaly and sent it back. I ordered a replacement version that same day. Take two: a few days later, the second stagg kettle arrives from amazon. Double check the plug, move it to different outlets, reset said outlets – finally, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the lcd lights up with “fellows. (i’ve now hit the “on” button about a zillion times). So, in frustration i tweet, facebook im and send a message the fellows support folks on their website.

Build quality is good, it’s ergonomic and easy to use, it’s durable, and it’s very easy to clean. It only seems to hold around 875ml of water, and some aspects of the design don’t appear to serve any purpose whatsover aside from merely looking quite nice, especially around the lid area. I also think the black base needs to be larger so that you can set the lid down on it when you fill the kettle, because otherwise there’s no easy way to place it down without either potentially getting the part of the lid that rests inside the dirty, or having it be quite awkward to pick up again to place back on the kettle. Other than that, it’s perfect, and i haven’t seen any products that do the job of being a kettle any better than this one. Certainly worth it for the price tag though.

The design of the kettle brings my kitchen to a next level. It’s a great accent for the kitchen. It doesn’t leak as other reviews i saw, you just need to press the cap tightly before starting to boil water.

Merkmal der Fellow 1137 Elektrischer Wasserkocher, 1200 W, Schwarz

Farbe: mattschwarz, Fassungsvermögen: 900 ml.