Great technology & efficiency but struggling to get rid of the newness taste.

Thought my previous hot water dispenser was good but this is excellent. Easy to use and spot on with volume and temperature and a useful size to fit in the kitchen.

At the beginning it was a bit confusing to set but after a few minutes and all set up easy and taste is perfect really recommend. Have also recommended to friends and family.

Looks great, easy to use and a great supplier, quick, had a fault with it and they replaced it within a couple if days very happy user.

Merkmal der Yum Asia Oyu Digitaler Heißwasserspender mit weißem LED-Touch-Display, 4 Liter Fassungsvermögen, 220-240 UK / EU Power

MODERNES TOUCH-LED-DISPLAY – einfache Bedienung und Hygiene sind geschickt unter dem intuitiven Bedienfeld versteckt. Mit einem Tastendruck können Sie Temperatur, Lautstärke und Dosierung einstellen.

This is a great piece of kitchen kit, which replaced my hot water kettle (almost, still needed to fill hot water bottle). The water is very hot at 99 degrees celsius and does not sputter and splash like other hot water dispensers. Yum asia oyu makes a good cup of tea and being companion to my latest acquisition, british berkefeld gravity water filter, our hot beverages are the ‘bees knees’. I like the locked feature that prevents accidental dispensing of hot water, especially with my l’il ones around. I also like the ability to set the volume of water to be dispensed. Maybe it is my misunderstanding that this kit would have been able to go down dispensing water to 4 degrees, which would have effectively made it a cooler as well?. Perhaps that would been expecting too much at that price point. Maybe the dispenser takes water at that low temperature without showing an led error code but dispenses at the ambient temperature (23 degrees is the lowest i achieved). I also like the touch sensitive buttons being buried under the top surface which discourages germs from hanging around and makes for easy cleaning. I am also impressed with the large 4 litre tank which, compared to most kettles, means a lot fewer refills.

It’s not bad, but the water isn’t anywhere near 99 deg c.

Could be better, however it does provide instant hot water the flow is a little slow.

SMART ‘INSTA-HEAT’ bei Ihrer gewählten Temperatur, Oyu ist der energiesparendste Warmwasserbereiter, den wir verkaufen. Sie dosieren und erwärmen nur genau die Menge an Wasser, die Sie benötigen, während Sie mit einem Wasserkocher oft viel mehr kochen, als nötig ist, und sowohl durch Energieverbrauch als auch durch die ineffiziente / nicht vorhandene Isolierung eines Wasserkochers Geld verschwenden.

Va tutto prefetto e molto comodo semplicemente, che veloce acqua caldo eccellenze oyu.

Nice machine but a lot of splashing, needs something under cups to raise them up.

Your browser does not support html5 video.  also so optisch entspricht es meinen erwartungen. Sieht modern aus und passt super in jede küche. Nervt nur dass die kindersicherung sehr schnell angeht. Funktion ist befriedigend da es sehr viel rumspritzt. Die spritzer von wasser und kaffee spritzer sind überall am gerät und rundherum. Was mich gewundert hat dass es im original karton ankam ohne umkarton rundherum. Hatte schon sorge ob alles heile ist. Aber zum glück gut angekommen.


The water begins despensing within 5 secondsthe water tank lid comes off completely and you can see the 4 litre mark from the front of the device so you can fill without turning the device aroundvariable temperature from ambient ( cold water ) to 99 degrees in 5 degree increments for coffee and different teasvariable volume from 150ml to 500ml in 50ml increments for drinks, gravy and hot water for sauce pansi fill the device with filtered water and now use it to dispense the correct volume of water into a jug for our bean to cup coffee machine 2 x 350ml of cold water no more measuring water for our coffee machinealso 400ml of 40 degrees water for our bread makermemory setting for favourite temperature and volume once set press unlock then press despense thats itit takes 50 seconds to despense 1 cups of 300ml at 99 degree water into a cup so 2 cups well under 2 minutesand no messing measuring water for the kettle every time only heat the exact amount of water you needi think the advantages of this device outweigh the dis-advantages so i would highly recommend this device especially for dissabled people, i would top up the device every night instead of waiting for it to empty.

Was easy to use, only received it today, but pleased so far.

The best i have had over the years. It is a quiet machine with hardly any splashing and dispenses the correct amount each time looks good too.

YUM ECOBOIL SYSTEM – bedeutet, dass das abgegebene Wasser schnell auf die richtige Temperatur gebracht wird, um sicherzustellen, dass das gebrühte Getränk frisch und heiß ist.

Je pensais que cela serait gigantesque, mais finalement c’est fort pratique. Cela évite de faire trop souvent des remplissages et cela part plus vite que ça en a l’air. Il est très simple à remplir aussi. Pour une tasse de 250ml à 99°c, cela prend 45s pour couler (dont 5s de préchauffage). J’ai surélevé la tasse en plaçant un objet de 5cm de haut en dessous, car sinon cela fait des éclaboussures. Je regrette que le support de tasse ne puisse pas se relever et se mettre à plusieurs hauteurs différentes. Pour brancher la machine sur une prise française, j’ai d’abord commandé un adaptateur uk/fr. Mais vu les délais, je me suis rabattu sur une simple fiche mâle (il faut couper la prise uk, dénuder les 3 fils et brancher ça dans la nouvelle prise fr). – fiches mâle 2p+t : https://www.

It broke within a month of use, error code h4. I have amended the review, due to the good customer support and their history of good products.

I’ve had several other hot water dispensers, but this was the best, at the beginning. I have now had it 4 months & about a month ago it started playing up. You would press the blue button to start the water, it would dispense a few ml, beep & stop dispensing. If you started it again it would carry on dispensing. It’s only a little thing, but extremely annoying, as you can’t walk away from it, in case it stops. I descale it very regularly & use either filtered or bottled water, so don’t know what the problem is. It could also do with an adjustable drip tray, so you could move a mug nearer to the dispensing nozzle, because it splatters hot water everywhere.

Easy to useeasy to set upbright white lights on touchscreenmuch better than my last touch screen hot water dispenser only dribbled and the temperature was way outmy only comment for improvementother colours maybe black or redaddition of internal water filter.

UK / EU POWER – arbeitet mit UK oder europäischer Macht. 220-240 V, mit Sicherheitsfunktionen wie Sicherheitsverriegelungsmechanismus.

J’ai ce produit depuis 2 mois. Il répondait tout à fait à mes besoins mais il a cessé de fonctionner. Yum asia a été très aimable et me l’a échangé rapidement et gratuitement (frais de port inclus).

Good product best in its field tried others this the best.

The machine broke after 7 months, but customer service were excellent in providing a replacement. Hopefully no issues with this one.

Slow and spits boiling water all over the machine, also tastes funny even after 3 month.

I’ve had 3 hot water dispensers which to be truthful were not very good at all. I happened to come across this one whilst browsing the net and decided to buy after reading the reviews. So far it’s been very good in all aspects. Time will tell if it stands up to the test of time.

It does exactly as advertised excellent produced certainly would recommend loo.

Really great item and easy to use.

So comfortable, especially if you are a sencha lover. Right temperature every time.

Yum asia is the best known brand for a reason, this water heater is being used everyday with great satisfaction.

This is my second instant water machine, and it is excellent. Clean design, intuitive controls and very fast heating to the correct temperature. Time will tell as to its reliability. The initial ‘newness’ taste soon goes. The large capacity tank is a real bonus. The machine is very well designed and made. The fact that it can dispense up to half a litre of water is a real bonus. After six months of use, the machine is still excellent, but needs descaling often here in spain. The none splash feature is not that good since mine splashes quite a lot. Pity a replaceable filter cannot be fitted.

This hot water dispencer is brilliant so easy to use it also looks good very efficient it well deserves it’s 5*.

Very easy to use it took a few days for the taste of the water to lose the new flavour but now it’s great.

It looks great, easy to use and has big capacity. Only issue is the operation and build of the product. First machine i received malfunctioned after about 2 weeks. Got a replacement which was great (and customer service was amazing and helpful) but didn’t fill me with confidence. I can’t imagine that the machine will last many years. The water stream can also get a bit splashy. It can be russian roulette whether or not the water all hits the cup. That being said, i havnt found a dispenser quite like this anywhere else. It has all the features you want, and looks great.

This is the best 4 litre water heater on the market better than the equivalent andrew james model. Accurately dispenses water to the droplet, no splashing and dispenses boiling water within a second of pressing the buttons.