It’s a good piece of kit but a bit slow if you want more than 3 cups of tea quicker to do 4or more cups with a kettle but as there is only the two of us most of the time it’s fine for us.

I only need a espresso shot amount of hot water for my coffee in the morning, do boiling a kettle was totally ridiculous. Kettle now relegated to the cupboard.

I like i can choose the temperature over all very happy with this machine.

Easy to use and can dispense as much or as little as you want.

Merkmal der VonShef Heißwasserspender Instant Kettle/Catering Urne schwarz 2,2L Variable Temperatur – schnell kochendes Wasser – 2600W – Easy Gießmaschine

STYLISCH – Mit einem schwarzen Hochglanz-Finish und Edelstahldetails profitiert der Warmwasserspender von variabler Temperaturregelung –

Boils water quickly, very easy to use and doesn’t take up to much kitchen worktop.

Really liked the fact of instant hot water no having to wait for kettle to boil was brought as a gift and my parents love it.

When we first got the von chef water heater it was great, a large water tank was ideal & just what we wanted. Having used this product for a few months now it is still good although a few things we have noticed have appearedthere is no auto stop function and the water flow is a little slow but not a huge problem. The dispenser has started switchhing itself on now and then when not in usewith a large water tank and no auto cut off this is a bit of a problemit only happens on the odd occasion but as you can imagine it makes a right mess if not caught immediately.

Kochendes Wasser – liefert kochendes Wasser auf Knopfdruck, der VonShef Warmwasserspender erreicht Temperaturen von bis zu 100 °C in Sekunden.

We bought this because i only have the use of one hand and cant use a kettle brilliant prolemsolved my husband loves it too plus its more economic just boiling the required amount of waterthank you very muchvivian bott.

Love this water definitely hot hot hot. Easy to use just don’t forget to stop flow.

Me and my misses loves this hot water dispenser. We so impressed how quick the water gets hot.

Großer Tank – großer, leicht zu befüllender 2,2 l Wassertank ist in der Lage, bis zu 10 Tassen Tee oder Kaffee zu machen, bevor Sie nachfüllen müssen – spendet beeindruckende 400–500 ml Wasser in nur einer Minute –

Instant hot water at the temperature that you set. Slow flow of water, but only heats the amount you want need so very efficient. Can now make coffee or tea at the correct temperature required. The controls are plastic and may not last as long as the machine. So far had it couple of months so let’s see it’s durability. Looks very sleek on the counter top.

I bought this for my mom, shes really like this and its benn easy to use for all family members.

Love this machine, hot water at the touch of a button, starts running within a few seconds. Adjustable temp up to 100 degrees.

Leicht zu reinigen – abnehmbare Abtropfschale bedeutet, dass Sie sich keine Sorgen um Verschüttungen oder Chaos machen müssen.

The drip tray was scratched but this does not effect the usage. Fast delivery and the product was easily assembled and water stops as soon as it’s turned off. However the power button does not seem to change colour as stated in the instructions to warn when the water is ready to pour and despite filling the tank 4 times to wash the pipes through, there is still a weird taste.

This was brought for my elderly parents and they love it as they don’t have to wait for the kettle to boil.

Lovely machine, so simple to use and no computer to go wrong. Turn one knob to heat temperature and press another to start and stop the hot water. Nice large tank and suckers that stick to worktop to stop it slipping about. Lovely neat size and a great price. Would recommend this over the higher priced computer models on the market.

Instant hot water, quiet operation, very easy to fill and variable temperature. Our normal kettle has retired.

Maße (B x T x H): 30,6 x 27,2 x 16,7 cm.

I have only been using this product for two days, but, one thing i can say is i will never go back to a kettle. For example when doing a pot noodles you have to wait for the kettle to boil before you can poor it in. I would say this takes roughly the same time to pour it. I love the fact you can adjust the temp on it for what ever you need hot water for. Would definitely recommendi will update this review in a few months to let you know how i got on.

Had this about a week now, chose this over others after comparing, also i have other vonshef products and have never been disappointed. Water comes out quite slow which i suppose is to be expected as it’s heating it on the way through. Has variable temperature control which others don’t seem to, also has a stop function which is one of the main reasons for buying, large water tank. Use it every day and not just for tea. Hoping to save a bit of money as well on the electric.