I have recently tried a couple of stainless steel kettles which have had to be returned due to the metallic taste of the water once boiled. The vonshef one is excellent, no metallic taste, boils quickly and quietly. What more could you ask for very pleased with the product.

Great little kettle and value for money. Easy to see how far it has been filled from the side panel. A liite noisy when near boiling, but it’s a kettle.

I like the look of this brushed stainless steel kettleit is well designed with a good lid that seals and does not leak when pouringthe on/off button lights up when in usenot as loud as my old kettle, works well, good value.

Sometimes you buy a new kettle and it has a funny taste – no such problems, great pour and stylish design.

Works really well, would definitely recommend.

We’ve now had this kettle about two months and it still looks as good as the day it arrived. It’s very light but takes a large volume of water and it boils quickly. It’s also a lot quieter than or previous kettle. Overall we’re pleased with it but there are a couple of niggles. First – the ‘window’ to see the water level is only on the left hand side so if you’re left handed you can’t see it when filling the kettle at the tap, maybe i should have realised this before purchasing. Second – when pouring hot water the lid sometimes doesn’t seal properly at the spout end so there can be a small dribble of water from the lid, however it’s not much of a problem unless it gets worse over time.

The kettle arrived on time and in good condition. It looks smart and does the job well, the only drawback i have found is that it is rather noisy.

I ordered this to replace two russell hobbs kettles which both tainted the water if you did not empty all the water away before use. I am still doing that with this one, as i found it tainted the water too if not emptied – but hopefully that was because it was new. I now do that automatically so have not tried reusing water that has been sat there for a while. I think the russell hobbs had the edge on good looks, but this one is quite similar.

Excellent lightweight kettle. Boils in around two minutes from full.

Love this elegant looking kettle, easy pour spout, no bad taste (did boil water twice and pour away before use) easy excellent value for money early days but would say it the best kettle i’ve purchased.

Had this for a little while now. A very smart looking kettle and does the job adequately. Just a few little niggles but nothing that i can’t live with. I find that it pours rather slowly from the narrow spout and it does tend to leak either water or steam from the lid when tipping it with smaller amount of water in. Noisier than i thought it would be too. Hier sind die Spezifikationen für die Besuchen Sie den VonShef-Store VonShef 3000 W elektrischer Edelstahlkessel mit schneller Kochzeit und abnehmbarem:

  • , Große 1.7L KAPAZITÄT â € „Wasser kochen für ca. 7 Standard Tassen. Verfügt über einen hitzebeständigen Handgriff für zusätzliche Sicherheit
  • SCHNELLKOCHZEIT, â € „boil 1.7L Wasser in knapp 5 Minuten. Enthält STRIX Steuerung, die genau erkennt und steuert Temperatur für Sicherheits
  • „Komfortfunktionen â € umfasst auch herausnehmbaren Filter, 360 ° Drehfuß, Kabelaufwicklung und rutschfesten Füßen
  • , Abmessungen – H24 x L21 x W15cm. Kabellänge: 70cm
  • , 2 Jahre Herstellergarantie ENTHALTEN

Very smart and nice to use,quick to boil.

Quite a nice kettle, probably a bit pricey for what it is. One fault, when you tip it up to pour water comes out of the lid, very pour seal on the lid.

Very pleased with this kettle which boils quickly and the water does not taste as some do. Would definitely recommend to others.

Light weight, stylish and a quick boil , very pleased with this inexpensive kettle.

I’ve only just purchased this kettle, so not sure how it will be in the long term, however it has a 2 year warranty. It’s light weight and easy to fill with a jug as i only use water from a water filter as i don’t want limescale to build up. The water from the kettle tastes fine.

Does not leak water like my previous kettle.

Besten VonShef 3000 W elektrischer Edelstahlkessel mit schneller Kochzeit und abnehmbarem,wiederverwendbarem Filter für frischeres Wasser 1.7L Silber

Very nice looking kettle, boils fast and keeps water hot for a long time, be careful touching it once boiled though as the whole kettle gets and stays hot. I’ve burnt my hand on it more than a few times.

Good looking, fast and easy to use.

Solid kettle but it is a bit of a messy pourer.

So, over the years, i’ve paid a lot of money for kettles. It seem to me , price does not guarantee quality or longevity. This one is replacing is a russell hobbs, paid a fair bit, and the on off switch broke off. This kettle is ok, good value for money, looks fine. One very tiny niggle, water collects in the little gap, where the lid is, and it is quite noisy. But, it’s a kettle, it boils water, it does the job. I would never spend loads on one again. Thing 3 stars is about right.

There is very little inside to get furred up as we are in a hard water area. So i am hoping cleaning will be easier.

The flip lid is very useful too. It’s much quieter than my previous kettle and boils quicker too. Very happy so far with this product.

With 3000 watts is fairly quick to boil. I am perfectly happy bearing in mind it only just arrived, so boiled two full kettles (fine for ants nests and weeds) and water tastes good. As long as it lasts a long time i will be pleased with this kettle. Turns full circle on its stand. Says its made in china though. Hard to find anything that isn’t, they are taking er the world.