Never having bought “as new” before i was delighted to receive this kettle. It was bought to replace a very similar model and a matching toaster. The new kettle is a more recent model which has useful features – one, two and three cup measures inside the kettle and it also boils more quickly. The delivery came sooner than the stated time, which was excellent. All in all i am happy with my purchase.

Brought in february 2019 stopped working august 1019 but very impressed with customer service they replaced with out any quibble.

. Only criticisms the water level tube is difficult to see as behind handle.

A very attractive kettle which fits into our colour scheme so well. It is little noisy but so are most electric kettles. It is very efficient and love the fact that one can boil just one cup if need be.

Great little kettle to replace our broken cream one. Prefer this design to the pyramid one that broke as this is taller therefore thinner, using less space on the kitchen bench. Lid is a bit fiddly to pull up especially if you are filling immediately after using boiled water so it is hot, but this is minor overall.

Lightweight, slightly noisier than my previous kettle. Sides do remain hot so just a warning.

A good looking kettle that boils quickly with as little as 1 cup of water. The lid is a little stiff to open and you need to open it to fill the kettle as the spout is too small to accomplish this. Over all i’m happy with this kettle.

Looks good but fiddly to lift lid. I have to keep the lid open as if i close it the kettle smells and tastes of plastic. This comes from the red plastic markers in the bottom of the kettle. I chose a metal bodied kettle as there are reports that plastic ones can taste bad. My metal one has plastic bits inside it and the kettle smells and gives a taste to my tea if i don’t keep the lid open.

Fast boiler, looks nice, easy to fill and lift. It is exactly what i wanted from a kettle.

I have had the earlier model which stopped working after about 4 years so not complaining. It heats up fast and i like it is metal and not plastic. I cant really see the gauge under the handle, presumably this is why the handle design has changed but it still doesn’t work well for me. However, there are some red markers inside the kettle so its easy to see that way if i only want to make one cup of tea how much water to add.

Much nicer than the one i purchased a week before and had to throw away. Looks neat, is sturdy and quick at boiling when putting in enough for 1 cup taking just 45 seconds. Only downside is that the lid to open at the top has to be lifted up rather than it being released by a button so a small chance it could be difficult for some people. I have extremely stiff and painful hands so would have benefited from a lid that opened automatically. Colour is great and fits in well with the kitchen.

I have had this item for some time now, and it performs very well, it is quite quick to boil, and has a very easy to grip handle. Living in a hard water area, i do have to de-scale it about once a month, and it always comes out looking and working brilliantly, i recommend this item without hessitation.

Well i had one of these the filter broke, the kettle was replaced quickly, but i have used this for nearly three weeks now and i am still getting a funny taste from it, not good, especially as i love my cuppa, wished i had chosen a plain s/steel one. Febuary only had this kettle since november now it has developed a fault, it doesn’t always turn itself off, dangerous in my opinion, also when it does boil it keeps boiling and if it is full up it spurts out whilst pouring out, nearly burnt myself, but can i find a way to send it back no that ended 31st jan, but of course it is under a guarentee for electrical items, but can’t find out where to contact amazon to do so, anybody help here.

Kettle ordered to replace old one that stopped working after 14 months. (on switch refused to stay down). This one is slightly different but still matches the toaster i bought with original kettle. I like it so far and hope it lasts.

It boils quickly and doesn’t create a bad taste. The only reason i’ve given it 4 stars is because i’ve had three of these now, and all of them have begun to leak from the same place within a year and a half. Maybe they aren’t meant to last much longer than that.

Great replacement to an earlier model. As always, there is a slight taste in the water in a new kettle, but this disappears after a few uses. Quite quiet, easy to hold and useful internal visual aid to boil specific qty of water.

The lid at the top doesn’t open all the way back so cleaning inside the kettle is tricky. Other than that, perfect, love it.

Overall kettle as described although the only issue is that the water level gauge is behind the handle so when you are filling you can’t see the level of water against gauge because of hand holding handle. Hadn’t really thought about that when ordering, no great issue, but probably wouldn’t order again when time comes to replace.

A good kettle with spout enabling accurate pouring. The only complaint i have is the lid – no button for automatic opening so you have to open manually , which is difficult when the lid is hotother than that it boils water quickly and does the job.

I bought this to replace my previous russell hobbs kettle which after many years of constant use gave. Had this 2 weeks and the button at the bottom fell off. Hmmmkettle itself is good works well and had a great quick boil. Maybe the care and product quality has changed over the years. Will see if i can fix before returning.

Lovely near kettle, looks great in cream. Much noisier than our previous kettle, sounds like a rocket going off – doesn’t bother us as everyone in the house then knows tea is coming .

Lovely kettle, the colour is so nice and different to the normal boring grey or black. Boils fast, a little loud but idk what people expect it’s a kettle of course it’s loud. I would suggest buying the matching toaster as they look great together.

Nice looking and quick boil. Only thing i didn’t like was the water level gauge on the side was not easy to see.

I bought this kettle to replace the same one i already had. Although the old one was working fine it had limescale all around the top outside. So i knew the kettle would be fine. Quiet and quick to boil but could do with a longer lead.

Bought this to match the cupboards but didn’t realise what mess the old stainless steel (broken) one looked, even with constant wiping – none of that with this new one. Looks good and feels good to handle. Depth gauge tabs inside easy to see ensuring only the required volume of water is boiled, saving time and money. Most notable thing for me is the fab spout shape – no leakage/drips at all.

Best feature is the measures inside the kettle. There are three measures, one cup two cups and three cups. Great way to save electricity by not boiling more waiter than you need. The measure cup sizes are for your standard tea cup. If you favour a large mug tho, you’ll need to boil two cups to fill the large mug.

To replace existing kettle when required. Perfect match for kitchen decor and other appliances.

Bought this kettle on the day ours died. I can’t remember if it was same day or next day delivery but it was quick. Really lovely design very happy, boils quickly and easy to handle.