We use this in our motorhome, using mainly on an induction hob but occasionally on gas. Really well made, and a nice colour too.

And it’s sturdy but i find it awkward to pour compared to my last kettle.

Erfüllt seinem zweck auch auf induktionkaufempfehlung.

Only had this product a short time so can not comment on durability. Looks good and certainly does the job.

The lady i gave it to is delighted, and loves its rich colour, and perfect size. Her only complaint is that the spout is a little short, so the boiling water tends to be very close to her hand.

I like the style of this kettle, but only bought it as a back up for our quooker if it fails or we have a power cut.

My apologies for the mix-up, i have a notification for another purchase on the same date for £7. 99 but cannot remember what this item was for, nor can i think what i could have ordered. Am sure this is all my fault but would like to clear up this mystery. Be assured the kettle for £27 16 is perfect.

I wanted a small kettle so it boiled quicker. This boils far faster than my last 2l kettle. The whistle sounds a little manic but at least you can hear it from anywhere in the house.

I am very happy with this kettle.

Very easy to use and fill it also looks very good on the cooker.

Takes 2:34 to boil 750ml water on a 2. For comparison, my outgoing 3kw rapid boil kettle takes 1:59 mins to boil the same amount of water. Spout works good (free flow, no excessive drips). So far so good- too early to comment on longevity yet. Hier sind die Spezifikationen für die Besuchen Sie den PRESTIGE-Store Prestige Emaille 1:

  • Retro Emaille-Finish
  • Beständig gegen Flecken außen porzellan emailliert
  • Einfach zu gießen durch Drücken und Ausgießer

Bought this kettle for use in motor home. Very pleased just the right size seems well made whistle works well.

Cute kettle, holds plenty of water for two. Works great on my induction hob. I like the lever on the handle that lifts the spout lid so you don’t get burnt. Haven’t had it long so don’t know longevity of it yet. Update -i’ve now been using it for less than 2 months and its starting to rust inside where the spout is attached to the base.

Lovely kettle had it about a year now but it seems to take longer to boil than my old one and if you are not careful when pouring it the water spills out every where. Have decided to retire it today and go electric.

Ok looks nice, very loud, the problem is it doesn’t pour well and goes everywhere but the cup.

Looks like a sturdy well made kettle.

Seems to work ok on a medium temperature without damaging the enamel finish. Spout cover has a good mechanism. Takes a while after coming to boil to build up the pressure required to make it whistle. Because i put my induction cooker on 6 and dare not risk any higher as i don’t want the enamel to come off or get discoloured, it takes a while to boil. If i was to buy a kettle again now, i’d just buy a stainless steel kettle without any finish, so i could boil it at maximum temperature and get that hot water faster.

Kommentare von Käufern :

  • Sehr schick!

  • Ansprechender und funktioneller Flötenkessel.

  • Gefällt

Cute little addition can hold enough for water for 2-3 cups of teahelps us overfilling big kettles and using up more gas then needed at one timelooks very cute on our stove top. Besten Prestige Emaille 1,4 Liter Retro Wasserkocher – Mandel, Stahl, Almond, 1.4 L

Ein optisch sehr schöner flötenkessel. Er ist gut und stabil verarbeitet. Wir hatten vorher einen le-creuset-kessel, der wesentlich schwerer war und in den mehr wasser passte. Dieser ist kleiner, leichter und mit weniger fassungsmenge, aber das preis-leistungs-verhältnis stimmt.

We think it looks really good, it is well made, looks built to last. A good safe handle, easy to fill, pours out well and a pleasant sounding whistle that is loud enough without being too loud. So pleased we bought this prestige kettle.

Sieht gut aus und macht was er soll.

We bought this for our campervan and i wanted something smallish and sturdy and this is both as well as being the cutist bit of design you have ever seen. It has a great whistle and the you can flip the lid open from the handle which stays cool.

It’s totally perfect and would definitely recommend.

Bought for our motoryacht, and is practical, functional and compact.

Nice looking kettle just the right size for one person, and my small oven top.

This is a great little kettle. It is attractive, looks neat left on the hob, suits my new modern grey kitchen and whistles very loudly. Don’t be tempted to leave it alone if you have an induction hob though, it boils really quickly, and if you fill it quite full make sure you wait until the whistle has completely stopped before trying to pour, otherwise it will splutter.

Schaut sehr gut aus, wirkt hochwertig und kocht sehr schnell auf einem induktionsherd. Damit kann ich mir einen separaten wasserkocher ersparen.