Kettle was bought in 1986 , sounds like it did when it was new.

Bought this alessi tea kettle at an auction for $20. Put water in it and brought it up to boiling; only one note played. So, i get busy and find out that the music is two actual pitch pipes. To my ears, sort of an odd combination. Replacing them was child’s play. Took the grimy tea kettle to the buffer and it polished up like new.

These replacement pipes install easily, and work just the way you want them to.

I bought these pipes as a replacement for the pitch pipes for alessi richard sapper kettle. These work perfectly and are easy to install (the instructions are attached, by the way). It is a joy to listen to the kettle once the water boils.

Merkmal der Alessi 12701 E & B pitch-pipes für 9091 Sapper Wasserkocher

This teakettle is gorgeous and holds and heats water like a champ but the pitch pipes are crap. Sometimes one sounds, then another time the other one blows. Very seldom do they sound their notes together. Even sent away for new ones and the low tone still doesn’t blow. Removed and re-inserted the pipes turning them around different directions, (not taking them out and inserting them top to bottom but twisting them around so the “d” you see when you look into the holes is up, down or sideways. 00 they ought to work all the time. Don’t buy it for the sound cuz it doesn’t work. Only buy if for a piece of art for your kitchen or to brag you have a $300.

Great , i am very happy that there is a replacement available . It would of been easier with better instructions for installation. The pitch piped are marked e & b but instructions do not show which one goes where (long pipe or short pipe). The old pipes we corroded and the same length ?.

I have had the alessi teakettle for years and stopped using it only because the “whistle” was dead and i was afraid i would ruin the kettle if the water would boil out. I was happy to see that amazon carried the replacement valves. The pitch pipes arrived on time and came with clear instructions (in several languages) and graphics. The first valve went in smoothly and i was grinning from ear to ear anticipating the new “sound”. But the second one did not go in as easily and i may have forced it too much. The result was one valve in. I called customer service and they could not have been nicer. After submitting pix of the kettle with valves in and out of position they evaluated the problem and contacted me immediately. They offered replacement or refund.

Worked perfect as replacements for whistle on alessi teapot.

 they are easy to install and sound great. My daughter had a sapper kettle that she bought at a garage sale years ago and it didn’t come with the pitch-pipes. So happy to find them on amazon, now after years of owning the kettle she know has sound coming from it. I have never heard such a lovely sound from a kettle before. Sorry the video is sideways (thanks amazon for flipping the video).

Easily installed and it fixes the problem.

Lieferung enthält nur E & B pitch-pipes für 9091 Sapper Wasserkocher nicht die ganze Flöte.